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Sun Guard

Sun Guard Tractor Canopies #1 Tractor Canopy Made in the USA. This tractor canopy at  $254.95 plus $40.00 shipping is a great value. The Sun Guard tractor canopy is not brand specific, it doesn’t care whose ROPS it is attached to.


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It was easy to install, it took only about 30 minutes. My wife helped to hold the brackets & top while I was installing it. I’m real glad that I found your company & then purchased it from you. Thank you again.

C. Irwin OH.

Hi everyone. I installed a Sun Guard Canopy on my John Deere 5203. It is an awesome product. I would recommend it to anyone who wants shade. J. Hippard IL.

  WOW...could you have made it any easier? It took exactly 21 minutes to breach the shipping box

( which took about 5 of them ) & install the canopy on the Kubota.

   I never had to crack open the instructions.

  It was drizzling rain but I was so excited to get it, I parked in front of the garage door & ducked in & out of the rain to put it on.... And it went so quick I didn’t even get wet!   

   This is an awesome ( and simple ) alternative to paying the big bucks for a factory top from Kubota, or even any of the aftermarket tops that are on the market. The next day I tapped into the existing wiring & installed LED lights on the back of the canopy.

   I would highly recommend one of these canopies for anybody wanting to get out of the sun or weather for their tractor or mower. The quality of your work is a direct reflection of you.   Dave Ackers

Dave  must be a remarkable guy, I couldn’t have duplicated that even with my 5 years experience.


I love my new canopy on my 1994 Kubota B7100 HST. What a blessing it is to mow shielded from the hot Georgia sun. The installation was very easy and the canopy  looks great & fits perfectly. The instructions were easy to follow. Less than thirty minutes & everything was good to go.  I highly recommend your high quality, affordable  canopies to anyone looking for one.

I'm attaching a few pics for your website.

                                  Jim G.   Ringgold, Ga

 I want to thank you for the prompt shipping & a great product at a very reasonable price. I installed the canopy on my Mahindra 2015 HST with zero problems & a minimum of effort. The canopy looks great & really accents the tractors looks & versatility. Once again thanks.

Paul J. Michaud

It is so nice having cover while I am mowing and not have to worry about too much sun exposure. I love my Sun Guard tractor roof. Eric Glosser