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Bracket installation

Hello everyone!  Welcome to our newest feature of the website, our blog!  We plan to post informational articles on our amazing product, the Sunguard Mower and Tractor Canopy as well as other related subjects.  You can reach our blog by clicking on the link to our Facebook page, or just visit us here at

Our first article discusses some mounting situations that some customers have run into with our Tractor Canopy mounting system...

SunGuard Canopy has a very unique mounting system which allows it to mount on many of today’s ZTR Mowers and personal tractors such as Kubota, Mahindra, John Deere, LS and others with the roll bars that lean up to 40 degrees forward or backward, depending on how you install the BRACKETS. There has been some discussion about the mounting hardware so I thought I would talk about it here.

When the BRACKETS are bolted to the roll bars, there are two holes in the EARS but only the top one is used for mounting the STRUTS. People have tried to use both holes to mount the STRUTS and have called to say that the holes do not line up. Well, they are not supposed to line up. The reason there are two holes in the EARS is so they can be installed in various positions. Only the TOP hole is used at the time of installing the struts. Thus there is no right or left, front or back, inside or outside BRACKET.

When you install the bolt in the TOP hole on the BRACKET with the TOP hole in the STRUT, then tighten it down, you can position the STRUT how it looks best on your ZTR mower or personal tractor and how you like it. After that you DRILL the SECOND hole in the BRACKET using the BOTTOM hole in the STRUT as a guide.

All of this is explained in the INSTRUCTIONS included with each CANOPY. Hope this was helpful.

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